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We were never called to be bashful, we were called to spread the Good News. In Your Faith provides a way for you to do just that, whether it be as an individual or for your group. See the details on the Group Fundraising page for an exciting approach to your next activity.

In Your Faith offers cutting-edge Bumper Stickers with attitude! Individual stickers can be purchased on the Complete List page.




In Your Faith is not responsible for the reaction of those who view these products.  You may be subject to persecution, prejudice and critical words or acts.  It is what He promised would happen if you took this stand.  So don't be surprised.  Others will give you the thumbs up sign and smile and roll down their windows to chat.  So stay aware of stoplights and traffic as you can easily be distracted by the most important work you will ever do with strangers.  Be bold and tell others the Good News through stickers that make people think.  You WILL change the world one person at a time when you share with them.

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